Ceramic tile

一、Quality Principle

Superior and even quality

二、 Superior quality – comes from quality management in development

Whole-process quality management system ensures good performance of raw material and formula.

A. Superior durability:

Product is fired in very high temperature with long period, vetrification of ceramic tile turns to be second to none in the industry.Because of compact structure, low absorption,excellent stain proof, superior durable, it will not appear old and color fading, giving people with dateless feeling.


B. Excellent freeze resistance:

Freeze resistance is excellent due to high vitrification and low absorption. This is a great advantage in bad weather condition in winter in the north. In order to assure this performance fastly and accurately, multiplication microscope is used to analyze microscopic structure and to carry on ink permeation test on glaze layer.


C. Low Radioactivity:

Radioactivity level must be comply with the request of the compelling national standard in China, radioactivity of ICOT product is far lower than that of the national standard, and can be used without limits.

Strict control of color variation:


A. Control on standard color and color limit

The management can ensure that the product color consistency is still under control after many years and is unlikely to be out of tone, which ensure that products from different batches can mix and use together.


B. Management on color variation:

When checking variation by instrument, there is usually big error. When checking with vision, it is varied from person to person. Based on plenty of production experience and effects of project sites, we introduce the management mode of quantization with value determination and carry on auditting to check periodically to ensure the basically uniform determination of all checking staff. 

C.Standardization of color matching process

    ---"Standardization" refers to product must go through the standard color matching procedure of "point match, line match, face match" three examination steps. In this way, it is not only considered the close visual effect , but also the big area effect of outdoor wall covering.
    ---"Project site emulation" refers to product will be strictly checked and matched color in various imitating condition of complicated using environments, which ensure product can reach the requested variation limit and effect no matter in environment with sufficient light or in dark condition, regardless of light reflection difference of indoor and outdoor.


Process ability index control system:(Cp, Cpk controls):


Working procedure ability refers to the ability to process quality control to satisfy product technical request. Its level objectively reflects the quality level of product.
    1)In such traditional ceramic tile manufacturing industry, ICOT is the rare company who adopts working process ability index evaluation system and corresponding computer software information system to supervise production.The immediate collected production data status reflects to production control, ensuring the stability of production.
    2) After many years of production experiments, the Cp and Cpk value of the manufacturing process currently can stabilize to reach 1.33 and above, each performance index shows excellent, product quality is stable and uniform.

Stable performance

Almost every batch of ceramic tile can attain excellent phisical & chemical performance of lowest and uniform water absorption rate, smooth and neat glazed surface, etc.. Product is easily cleaned, stain-proof is remarkably improved.

Perfect paper mount quality control:

    1)mounting paper adhesiveness: in order to prevent installing tile from accidently falling off from the mounting paper, adhesiveness test must be carried on to ensure normal execution of installation and safety.
    2)mounting paper peelability: this refers to paper needs to remove smoothly from the tile after being wet for 2-3 minutes, without remaining small scraps of paper. The control of this index increase installation efficiency and installation quality to the most extent, and greatly reduce the difficulty of subsequant wall cleaning.
    3)glue remaining test: it is a special test to examine glue remaining quantity after paper removal. This is to confirm the difficulty level of installation cleaning through standard test method. The less the glue remains, the easier the tile surface is cleaned up.