Thin Tile


Thin tile - save energy and environmental protection

    Thin tile saves material and energy resources, reduces pollution of the environment and waste emissions, and improves our living environment. All aspects of the product, including design, production, packing, transportation, distribution, consumption, disposal, etc., are all energy saving and environmentally protective!

1. Safe and Reliable

    The technical challenge of thin tile production is actually in the forming of its shape. ICOT has overcome this challenge and in doing so, created an important benefit through its swallow-tail-back-groove which can reach 1 mm deep even though the tile is as thin as 4.5 mm. This allows the tile to firmly inlay with the bonding to avoid falling off or delaminating.

2. Light-weighted and energy-saving

    Because the product is light-weight (only 8 kg/㎡, 40% lighter than ordinary product with thickness of 7.0mm to 7.4 mm, it is suitable to apply to exterior projects with heat preservation concerns and weight restrictions particularly in high-rise buildings.

3. Improve efficiency

    Thin tile can lower installation cost, reduce dosage of adhesive and joint-grout, reduce worker effort (particularly in hot environments) and increase installation efficiency.

Projects applied with thin tiles in China

    Thin tile is approved and used by many designers, architectures, developers as it is environmental protective. It is used in great quantity in the following projects: Wuxi Do He Garden, Shanghai Jie Cheng Condo, Shanghai Pin Jun International Condo, Shanghai Chun Shen Jing Cheng Condo, Nanjing Tian Zheng Lakeside Apartment, Hangzhou Ju Lin Tian Xia Condo, Dalian Cheng Rui Wan Jia Apartment, Dalian Nationalities College, Xi'an Cappuccino Apartment, Beijing Jin Di Yang Shan Condo.