Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile

1、There are many manufacturers to make ceramic tiles. Why choose ICOT product?

There are two important reasons to choose ICOT product.
1.A first-rate producer: ICOT is recognized as a world class manufacturer, employing the latest technology and technical expertise.
2.Environmental responsibility: We are the first batch of enterprises that can pass through China Compulsory Certificate. Our product is much better than national standard level and unlimited in application. Further, we keep developing various of energy-saving, environmental-protective green products, keenly aware of our responsibility to the environment, contributing to human sustainability.

2、What are the regular tile sizes in micro meter?

Regular size for wall tile: 45*45, 95*45, 145*45, 195*45, 108*60, 200*60, 227*60, 75*75, 95*95, 145*22, 200*100
Regular size for floor tile:92*92, 96.5*96.5, 142*142, 294*294, 300*300

3.How to classify ceramic tiles?

There are several methods to classify ceramic tiles:
To classify by shaping method:
(1)Dry pressed tile
(2)Extruded tile

To classify by technical processing:
(1)Glazed tile
(2)Unglazed tile

To classify by application:
(1)Exterior wall tile
(2)Interior wall tile
(3)Exterior floor tile
(4)Interior floor tile

To classify by water absorption:
Porcelain tile( ≤ 0.5%)
Stoneware porcelain tile(0.5 ~ 3%)
Fine stoneware tile(3 ~ 6%)
Stoneware tile(6 ~ 10%)
Earthenware tile( ≥ 10%)

4.Why is porcelain more costly than common ceramic tile?

Because porcelain tile requires the finest natural ingredients and strict controlled manufacturing process that utilizes advanced technology.

5.What is the reason of whitening in exterior wall? What can we do for this?

Hardened cement consists of soluble ingredients, such as potassium, sodium, calcium. It will flow out to the wall surface along with water and absorb carbon dioxide in the air, react and generate compound, such as carbonate, then deposit and adhere on tile surface, and present white pollution after drying.
As it is easy to cause whitening in bad weather and under incorrect installation. Please make sure to prevent the following:
(1)The joints are too wet before grouting.
(2)Adding too much water when mixing the mortar.
(3)The joint is not sufficiently filled.
(4)The cloth (cleaning sponge) is too wet when cleaning the tile after jointing.
(5)The grout is wet by water or rain without prevention before hardening.

6.How to clean and cure Metallic Tiles?

Try to clean metallic tiles with water;
When it’s difficult to clean, please use diluted hydrochloric acid (HCL) which is not greater than 2% in concentration.
It must be cleaned with water completely after using HCL. If there is HCL retain on product surface, product surface will be destroyed and gloss will be weakened.
Do not use strong acid or strong alkali (greater than 2% in concentration) to clean metallic tile as it will also destroy tile surface and weaken the gloss. It is prohibited to clean with organic solvent, such as gas, as gloss will be faded away.
When joint grout contains hard granule, such as silicon carbide, silica sand, it will destroy metallic glazed product surface, it is suggested to apply joint grout with sponge slice which is soft, so as not to affect surface appearance. Please clean the tile lightly with soft material, such as sponge, do not rub hard on metallic tile with rigid material.

7.How to determine ceramic tile quality?

It can be determined through the following performance parameter by testing with specific testing equipment.
*Water absorption
*Breaking strength
*Chemical resistance
*Freezing resistance
*Stain resistance
*Dimension consistence

It can be also determine the below quality by visual observation.
* Colo variation in the same batch
* Gloss discrepancy between different pieces of product, even on the same piece
* Knock the tile and listen to the sound, the sound is more ringing, the ceramic vitrified level is higher.
* Product dimension and shape.
* Decorative effect, such as luxury, natural, comfortable…

8.Will the tile fade out after a long time?

No. ICOT ceramic product is fired in high temperature around 1200℃, so product construction is dense without microscopic pores, dust and stain is not easy to adhere and appear old and fading. It will still offer fresh feeling after a long time.