Company Philosophy


Create products that can make buildings vital.
Create harmonious beauty between human and nature, environment and art.
Offer qualified product, perfect service, become a trustable company.
Improve employee’s well-being and belonging.
Make progress continually to contribute to social development and global environment.


social responsibility

Operate business legally and honestly, maintain market order, protect people interest, guarantee genuine goods at fair prices.
Take on taxation and social development mission positively, complete taxation task and make contribution to social development.
Insist in sustainable development, pay great attention to economizing resources.
Devote to develop green product to protect environment for human being survival and economic sustainable development.
Through recreation, build corporate culture, cultivate staff sentiment, and improve staff inner quality.
Participate charity activities, help needy staff and poor disaster area.
“People oriented”, treasure company staff, safeguard staff’s life and healthy, improve salary and conditions.
Emphasis on technology innovation and independent development, low down resources consumption, improve company profit.

Company Motto

Qualified & homogeneous product, perfect service, reasonable price, continuous improvement
                                              ——eternal spirit of ICOT.

Organization Foundation

Communicate, discuss, report, coordinate
                ——organization foundation.